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Rashad Weaver 2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report

We have Pittsburgh’s defensive end prospect Rashad Weaver under the microscope today. See his full 2021 scouting report and judge for yourself whether he is a prospect worth taking in the early rounds.

Pittsburgh Panthers defensive end Rashad Weaver could be a high round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. We look at his draft player profile and assess his scouting report in this article and judge where he could be selected.
Could Rashad Weaver be taken higher than his Pitt team mate, Patrick Jones II?

By Kevin Sayer from the NFL Draft Punk Podcast

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Rashad Weaver NFL Draft Profile

Rashad Weaver – Edge, Pittsburgh

Height - 6’5”

Weight – 270lbs

Class - Redshirt Senior

Hometown - Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Weaver played on both offense as a tight end and on defense as a defensive end for Cooper City High School. He was a two-sport athlete taking advantage of his height playing as a three-year starter on the school basketball team.

He had offers from USF, Penn State, Temple & Michigan but chose Pittsburgh and decided to redshirt his freshman year.

In 2017 he played in 12 games and started five compiling 28 tackles of which six were for a loss, three sacks and three pass break-ups.

The following season in 2018 he started all 14 games at defensive end gaining 47 tackles of which 14 were for a loss, 6.5 sacks, four pass break-ups, three fumble recoveries tying the ACC lead and two forced fumbles.

He had a setback in 2019 missing the entire season with a torn ACL sustained in August Training Camp.

Weaver returned quickly in 2020 considering the injury and was named to All-ACC First team and was a semi-finalist in the Bednarik Award. He started 11 games, totalled 35 tackles of which 14.5 were for a loss, 7.5 Sacks, three forced fumbles and fumble recovery.

He led the entire ACC in sacks per games and tackles for loss per game.

Weaver was a member of Pittsburgh’s prestigious Blue & Gold Society, an undergraduate organisation which consists of top students who serve as ambassadors for the University and Pittsbugh Alum.


Measured in at the Senior Bowl with 33 and ¼ inch arms with just shy of an 83’’ wingspan.

Uses his frame and length to his advantage by looking to extend his outside arm early on his first step to get inside of his opponent’s reach and control his initial engagement. Uses his hands well to club counter and swipe when a tackle tries to dominate early in the rep.

Has a wide base when holding a gap and shows patience and discipline against the run, letting the play develop before making a move to close on the runner on zone read and option plays. He’s a sound tackler with a good radius and is able to crash down on inside runs with a high level of success, he shows strength to hold a runner from forward progress or pull back for negative gains.

Won’t be content to be held up in his pass rush, will constantly look to counter and use his quick hands to disengage. His hands really stand out as a dominant trait constantly working to keep his body clean. Will work an edge against a tackle with slower foot speed but struggles at times to maintain the balance to really push off at an angle when placing his outside foot outside his frame to arc inwards.


Lacks any true burst and athleticism, this is occasionally evident when an opponent is sharper off the snap and beats him to a punch. His dip move lacks any true dynamic bend and his spin move is predictable in its execution due to the lack of any real sudden movement.

Despite his wide run base on engagement, he at times allows an opponent to get under his pads far too often and bullied by more physical lineman, it’s testament to his own counters and strength that he, at times, manages to overcome this but he needs to maintain lower leverage at the point of attack. He doesn’t pick up pulling guards regularly enough leading to him getting walled off or knocked down to react to the ball carrier.

Constantly on his toes rocking back and forth pre snap when standing up trying to pre-empt the movement rather than reacting to the snap of the ball, potentially he knows he needs to find any advantage due to his lack of acceleration out of his stance.

Rashad Weaver Overview

Weaver is a player that performs the roles asked of him. He doesn’t give up on a play and uses his natural length to his advantage. The lack of top end athleticism and balance makes me question his role on all three downs at the next level.

There are tools to work with especially as mentioned with his use of hands but if a tackle is able to mirror his footwork effectively the best he can do is play contain. He may be more suited at the next level as a 5-tech end and gaining weight to hold up against the run as his play recognition and gap discipline are robust despite, as mentioned, struggling to pick up pulling guards on occasion.

His effort is always on display and he does have a knack for making a play at the right time but when selecting him there needs to be a realistic expectation of what he can do for a team at the next level.


Late 3rd Round Pick

Weaver is currently our 14th ranked defensive edge prospect. See our full edge rankings here. Our full Big Board is available to view here.


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