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Carlos Basham Jr 2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Carlos “Boogie” Basham is a player who has been consistently productive throughout his collegiate career as a Demon Deacon although his draft stock has remained anything but consistent. Today, we check out Basham’s 2021 NFL Draft scouting report and work out why he fluctuates between the first and third round across 2021 NFL mock drafts.

By Kevin Sayer from the NFL Draft Punk Podcast

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Carlos Basham Jr. NFL Draft Profile

Carlos Basham Jr., Edge - Wake Forest

Height - 6’3’’

Weight – 281lbs

Class - Redshirt Senior

Hometown - Roanoke, Virginia


Carlos Basham Jr was a 3-star recruit out of Northside High School, Virginia. He played center for the school basketball team and played both sides of the ball on the football field contributing at tight end as well as defensive end. He got lost in a strong 2016 recruiting class and despite offers from Pittsburgh & Cincinnati decided to opt to become a Demon Deacon.

He redshirted his freshman year and saw little playing time in 2017 gaining his first start against Texas A&M.

In 2018 he finished fourth on the team in tackles, finishing with 64 of which 11 were for a loss and second on the team with 4.5 sacks.

In 2019 he achieved first team All ACC honours at defensive end and was the Deacons leader on the season with 11 sacks and 18 tackles for loss. The 11 sacks ranked as the second highest ever for a Wake Forest player. Finished the season with over 900 total snaps including Special Teams.

In a shortened senior season in 2020, he finished 10th in the nation with five sacks for 39 yards lost. Has managed to record a sack in 13 of his last 16 games as a college player.

Won the Arnold Palmer Award given annually to the outstanding male and female student athletes at the school.

Gained his nickname “Boogie” as he liked to constantly dance as a child.


Basham has a powerful well-built frame and is a consistent force at the point of attack. He looks to keep his body low to gain the leverage battle and constantly keeps his feet moving to up end or drive back his opponent.

He has active lively hands that work with a flurry of activity in getting push and gaining first contact, his effort is constant and relentless matching a tough demeanour.

In run support he remains on his feet with a sturdy base and is difficult to move off his gap, he’s shown the ability to clear lanes for linebackers due to his excellent play strength and brute force. He tackles well and rarely does a runner shake him off, in fact when he’s in the backfield he consistently finishes.

Has played on either side of the line predominantly with his hand down, this suits him as he doesn’t transition to top speed quickly from a standing start. Will line up in 5-tech, outside the tackle and inside at 3-tech on obvious passing downs. He really flashes inside against guards pushing the pocket.

Basham will win with power and shooting gaps which he has a real instinct for, he shows a sound technique with an effective inside swim, inside rip, spin move and a use of clubs and swats to accompany his preferred bull rush.

Shows a good level of understanding at setting up a sequence of pass rush moves attacking the inside shoulder, Won’t be content to be walled off on obvious long passing downs and will look to abandon the plan searching for other gaps looping inside where necessary. This shouldn’t be confused with a lack of discipline for edge containment, more a recognition in finding an alternative route to the QB.

Has got a regular habit showing up in the opponent's backfield, he can be very disruptive pushing the pocket affecting plays regularly by outmuscling opponents and bringing the heat from wide alignments.

As stated, Basham has a high snap count over the course of his career at Wake Forest, showing excellent durability, he’s very rarely off the field.


Basham is not particularly explosive out of his stance nor does he hit any sort of top speed in his rush, he has a moderate first step which is masked by his aggressive nature coming off the snap.

The pop and push in his hands is evident however could be better utilised with better initial placement. Having a more consistent transition out of his pass rushing stance could help find more success in dominating a rep instead of losing valuable time fighting for hand dominance; the stutter steps out of his stance are far too frequent in this regard also.

Being a gap penetration style of rusher and relying on his physical strength he does not have enough natural bend or flexibility in his lower half to trouble a lineman's outside shoulder. To his credit however he doesn’t attack too high up the field, maintaining contain.

He doesn’t play with a huge amount of length which is not ideal for a power style rusher and whilst he uses a nice variety of attack angles to alleviate the lack of aforementioned bend and length, he will need to find more diversity in his counter swats and punches, his bull rush whilst effective is used far too often.

Basham’s lateral movement and change of direction are noticeably less natural to his game, he shows real willingness in pursuit but is unlikely to be a difference maker in this part of his game.

His play processing against the run on inside or outside zone plays need more discipline; he bites very early on line shift movement and at times seems unsure on the location of the ball. When he over commits, he then loses his stout base and is easily pushed out of position or walled off.

It was concerning that his two worst games this season were against Virginia Tech and Clemson when coming up against better opposition. Jackson Carman will unlikely play tackle in the NFL and is more suited to guard, yet totally had Basham’s number physically in that game constantly boxing him out not allowing him to gain any purchase on his jersey.


Had the longest streak in the country gaining a tackle for loss for 23 games in a row and has had constant production in his four playing seasons for Wake Forest. His regular appearance in the backfield will give an NFL team plenty to work with and teams covet players who have shown consistent production.

He’ll certainly find immediate playing time as an inside rusher at the next level on obvious passing downs and it intrigues me if he can add weight to the frame and play as an undersized 3-tech. It was telling how often he was put on the inside in a lot of drills at the Senior Bowl.

The other option is trim down to gain more agility on the edge but the risk of losing his strength may be too great. There’s a lot to like about Basham, he was a team captain in 2020 and a constant ball of energy on the field but as a senior his physical development is potentially at its limit.

His stock certainly went up after a solid Senior Bowl showing but with a lot of day two depth at edge and players with more upside potentially being available he could find himself sliding to the third round.

Carlos Basham Jr. NFL Draft Projection

Mid Day 2 pick potentially dropping to the 3rd round.

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