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Trevor Lawrence 2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

In our first ever NFL Draft Scouting Profile, we are extremely excited to introduce Bobby Bishop. Bobby is a sports writer who grew up up Columbia, SC. For all our U.K based readers, Columbia is a college town that introduced him to the beauty of football at an early age. He is a diehard South Carolina Gamecock fan.

Bobby will be joining Gridiron Xtra as an NFL Draft Scout and College Football Analyst and begins his tenure with a look at Clemson Quarterback and potential NFL Draft 2021 1st Overall Pick, Trevor Lawrence.

Follow Bobby on Twitter: @imbobbybish

Trevor Lawrence NFL Draft Profile

Trevor Lawrence -- QB, Clemson

Height - 6’6”

Weight - 220 lbs

Class - Junior

Hometown - Cartersville, GA


As a high schooler at Cartersville High, Trevor Lawrence broke the Georgia records for passing yards and touchdowns. He was considered one of the best Quarterback prospects ever coming out of high school. He enrolled at Clemson, where he competed with and beat out Kelly Bryant (a redshirt senior fresh from leading his team to the CFB Playoffs) for the job after week 4.

He went on to lead Clemson to a National Championship against Alabama, which they dominated 44-16. Lawrence was 20-32, throwing for 347 yards and 3 touchdowns. He was named offensive MVP for his performance.

Last season, Lawrence had a slow start with 5 interceptions in the first 3 games; however, Lawrence only threw 3 the rest of the season. He had a very good 2019 season, finishing 7th in Heisman voting. He led Clemson to another National Championship but had a poor game against a very good LSU defense. This 25-42 loss was his first loss as a college QB. Entering his junior season, most analysts predict it will be Lawrence’s last before moving on to the NFL.


Lawrence is extremely accurate. He has the ability to place the ball anywhere on the field, often leading his WRs or putting it where only they can get it. Lawrence has extreme nerve, showcased as a freshman able to play comfortably on the biggest stage.

Trevor Lawrence is at home in the pocket. He can sense pressure and easily maneuver away from it. He is a big frame and isn’t easy to pull down, showing off good athleticism and running ability at times—especially in the Ohio State game. He has the awareness to step up into the pocket when the time is right. His internal clock is very impressive.

Trevor Lawrence has incredible footwork and almost always sets himself up with a solid foundation to throw from. He does have the ability to throw on the run though. Lawrence’s biggest strength, however, is his arm talent. He has a very strong arm with a quick release. He throws hard, but also has the ability to place an accurate deep ball.


Trevor Lawrence is occasionally too trusting of his wide receivers, throwing up to them in double coverage. He still has to develop in his coverage reading abilities, losing track of the safety at times. On his interceptions, sometimes it looks like he knows where he is going to the ball before the play even starts, throwing it without assessing the coverage. He overthrew the ball a good bit during the LSU game, but that is uncharacteristic of him. The LSU coverage was tight, and I personally think he was trying to give his tall receivers a chance (Higgins and Ross are both 6’4”).

Finally, Trevor Lawrence does not always protect his body as a runner, and sometimes drops his throwing shoulder. I love how it showcases his gritty, competitive nature, but this could lead to a serious injury, if he is not careful.

NFL Comparison

Peyton Manning. Trevor Lawrence has similar measurables and arm talent to one of the all-time greats. Manning is one of Lawrence’s idols from whom Lawrence modeled his game.


Trevor Lawrence is a winner. He has been NFL ready since his freshman year, and he should declare this season. Whichever team is lucky enough to select him is getting a franchise QB, who should go on to have a 15-year Hall of Fame caliber career.

He has a very high floor, and I’m not sure that he has a ceiling. He will have immense pressure to be great at the next level, but he’s handled pressure with grace at every level. He is a high character person who will step into a leadership role right away.

His weaknesses are all teachable aspects of his game that Quarterbacks develop over time. A scientist would be hard pressed to design a better QB prospect in a lab.


1st QB taken. #1 overall pick unless the team with the worst pick has a franchise QB already. Even then, a QB needy team should trade up and take him first overall.


Film Room

Freshman Season

Vs. Duke (2018) -

Vs Notre Dame (2019) CFB Playoffs Semifinals -

Vs Alabama (2019) CFB Playoffs Championship -

Sophomore Season

Vs. Georgia Tech (2019) -

Vs. Florida State (2019) -

Vs. Louisville (2019) -

Vs. Wake Forest (2019) -

Vs. UNC (2019) -

Vs. South Carolina (2019) -

Vs. Virginia (2019) Conference Championship -

Vs. Ohio State (2020) CFB Playoffs Semifinals -

Vs. LSU (2020) CFB Playoffs Championship -

Junior Season

Vs. Wake Forest (2020) -

Vs. Citadel (2020) -


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