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2021 NFL Mock Draft: Kevin Sayer Predicts Trades

As I co-host an NFL Draft podcast, I guess it’s time for me to put myself to the mercy of social media and lay out on paper my own (kind of) predictive mock. With so called experts unable to get 50% of the picks correct what hope have I got?

By Kevin Sayer from the NFL Draft Punk Podcast.

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This draft is an interesting one due to the year of dealing with a global pandemic, a college football season that stopped, started late and in some cases never got going not forgetting the high profile opt-outs. As a result, team boards are probably all over the place.

As for the draft the high end is dominated by the offensive side of the board, there is huge depth on day two especially at edge, corner and linebacker with most of my own grades being within the day two range of the top 100 prospects. So, without further ado let’s do it. It’s fine to tweet me, @kevinsayer for your rants.


1. Jacksonville Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence, QB – Clemson

There can be only one…. The number one player, the best QB since…. [insert name of choice.] After a decade of mostly misery, it’s time for optimism in #DUUUVAL. Outside of the Championship game season, it’s been hard to take. With a celebrated college coach on board and a “generational talent” what can go wrong? Good Luck Jacksonville, get a passport ready for London Trev!

2. New York Jets: Zach Wilson, QB – BYU

Jets need a Noah’s Ark draft; TWO of everything! But let's start with the most important position. Wilson was the guy that came out of nowhere this season for BYU. He broke Steve Young’s (ask your Dad) college record for completion percentage with a hugely impressive 71.3%. Questions will be asked around the strength of opposition and rightfully so, but the upside and those pant-wettingly good off platform throws are hugely exciting to Gang Green. The slightly arrogant swagger will help in a media setting that won’t be easy on him. A new era has started.

3. San Francisco 49ers: Trey Lance, QB – North Dakota State

From the moment this trade occurred there was one name in my head and here it is…. Jimmy G can’t play 16 games a season and what he is, is serviceable. But his $22 mil cap hit reduces to $3 mil as a post-June 1st cut. Trey Lance may have the biggest upside in the entire draft, but there is work to do. He may be in an advanced offense, setting protections and calling audibles, but the zero interceptions before this season are a stat sheet, Twitter conversation only. His arm is lively, but his current level of anticipation and quality of opposition means the best place for him is to sit. Why trade to three? Because Shanahan has not yet drafted his QB since becoming coach.

4. Atlanta Falcons: Kyle Pitts, “WEAPON” – Florida

The draft starts here, and everything hinges off this pick. The ever-swirling draft rumour mill suggests new GM Terry Fontenot wants a QB, but Arthur Smith wants to work with Matt Ryan. The restructure of Ryan’s contract means they’re tied to him for at least two more years. The roster is not one that can compete now and needs improvement throughout. I think they’ll ask for a huge amount of capital involving multiple 1st round picks and teams further down in the teens will be unwilling to give it (keep an eye on the Raiders however).

So, they take the consensus best player outside of QB. Pitts running 4.4 at 6’6’’ and having one of the largest wingspans we’ve seen of any player at a skill position will have Defensive Coordinators up at night. The NFC South has second place up for grabs right now and taking Pitts would give them a difference maker to complement their existing receiver corps. I’d expect heavy defensive investment, but you can’t miss drafting Pitts here.


Denver Broncos move up to Pick 5 giving Cincinnati Bengals their 2021 Pick at 9 overall, a 3rd Round Pick (71), a 5th Round Pick (152) and a 2022 4th Round Pick.

5. Denver Broncos: Justin Fields, QB – THE Ohio State

New Broncos GM George Paton takes over selection duties and hopes to have better luck with the QB selection than his predecessor. Paton worked on a Vikings front office, who were never afraid to move around on draft day. The roster has been constructed in this year's free agency to allow a QB to be dropped in and have success. Drew Lock has shown flashes in his time with the Broncos, but two worrying traits are the inconsistency and injury concerns. I personally can’t understand the increased negative exposure from some areas of the media about Justin Fields. He’s an incredible athlete and has impressive arm talent, despite some average performances this year his whole body of work and the fantastic performance against Clemson shows what a true talent he is. The Broncos share a competitive division, where the Chiefs and Chargers are seemingly set at QB for the next 10+ years. To compete they need the most important position in sports to be resolved and take the opportunity to invest in a future talent with incredibly high upside.

6. Miami Dolphins: Jaylen Waddle, WR – Alabama

Following the bumper three-way trade between Miami, San Fran and Philly it always seemed the Dolphins wanted to control their own destiny at receiver. By making their way back to spot six they can have their choice of Pitts, should he fall, or the pass catcher of their choice. Next year is a big year for Tua, with no “L plates” and his safety blanket of Ryan Fitzpatrick moving on they need to build around him and give him every opportunity to succeed. The selection of Waddle here may raise a few eyebrows above Ja’Marr Chase, however Waddle’s game changing speed and big play ability from various alignments and the chemistry with Tua, in what would be a quick passing offense, seem a perfect match for me. Last year, Henry Ruggs was the first to go and in 2017 John Ross was a Top-10 selection, which goes to prove teams covet speed and will keep swinging in this regard. “Dolfans” everywhere should be hugely excited for this selection.


Los Angeles Chargers trade up with Detroit Lions for Pick 7. Chargers give Pick 13 overall, a 2021 3rd Round Pick (77), a 2021 5th Round Pick (159) and a 2022 3rd Round Pick.

7. Los Angeles Chargers: Penei Sewell, OT – Oregon

The Chargers found their QB of the future last season with Justin Herbert’s hugely impressive Rookie of The Year season. From the unprepared start, Herbert showed incredible arm talent with a slew of “frozen rope” throws and the ability to keep his team in games despite the best efforts of their doomed coaching staff. The priority has to be keeping their prized asset upright. The Chargers sitting at 13 have the prime spot for moving up for one of the top two tackles and with Sewell dropping a small amount they can be aggressive in going up to secure their future and ensuring familiarity pairing these former team mates together. Sewell is raw in some elements of his game but people his size should not move the way he does. Whilst some will argue how he matches up against last year’s class, make no mistake, Sewell is the supreme O-Line talent in this draft.

8. Carolina Panthers: Rashawn Slater, OT – Northwestern

The Panthers lost out on aggressive trade attempts for Matt Stafford; however, have rolled the dice somewhat on Sam Darnold. Only time will tell whether this was the right move, but he’ll certainly have a better supporting cast and coaching staff than his stay in New York, although they will wait ‘til the last possible moment to exercise his 5th year option. It’s telling that the Panthers have had 10 starting left tackles since the retirement of Jordan Gross at the end of the 2013 season. They have clearly not found their answer at the position. Whilst corner is also a need, and they have the pick of that position; they select their blind side protector of the future. Slater has excellent feet and balance and despite opting out of the 2020 season his body of work from 2019 showcased his stellar technique and mobility. Furthermore, his versatility gives the Panthers the option to start him at any of the five positions along the line.

9. Cincinnati Bengals: Ja’Marr Chase, WR – LSU

This is the ideal set of circumstances for the Bengals, a team with a lot of needs on O-Line and offensive skill positions. Managing to trade down, accumulating more day two picks and still getting a player high on your board, is stuff of dreams for #WhoDey nation. The selection of Chase, pairing him up with Joe Burrow again from the record-breaking LSU offense of 2019 is an enticing one allowing Chase to go into an environment of familiarity and flourish. Whilst not possessing elite height/speed attributes, his bullying nature and highpoint catch ability gives the roster a true alpha receiver…. Bengals fans I know you need to bolster that line but there is definitive day two value to do so.

10. Dallas Cowboys: Patrick Surtain, CB – Alabama

There has never been a draft whereby no defensive player has been taken outside the top-10 and this selection ensures that this year won’t be the first. The Cowboys’ defense was a poor unit last season, besieged by enduring injuries and inconsistent play, none more so than in the secondary. The existing roster has little quality or depth and desperately needs improvement. Surtain is a high upside prospect who does everything well. Whilst he may not have the movement skills of Farley or the physicality of Horn, he provides a less risky selection and is a day one starter. Surtain will offer plenty of toughness and support in the run game along with a level of calm maturity not usually seen in rookie corners…. he simply rarely looks rushed, and this has seemed a nailed on selection for me for some time.

11. New York Giants: Kwity Paye, Edge – Michigan

There are two well known drafting strategies of the Giants: the existing front office never trades down; secondly, Giants draft giants. The selection of Paye here may be too early for a player who is still quite raw but make no mistake the functional strength and physical upside of the Michigan lineman is beyond your bedroom ceiling. Kwity Paye is a great story for the draft having moved to the US as a refugee from Sierra Leone after his birth country of Guinea was in civil war. The Wolverine lined up all over the defensive line in college which I believe at times stunted his growth into a defined role, yet the disruption he caused especially over the guards gives a base to work from. New York has little in the way of pass rush right now and Paye has the versatility to play inside as a one gap 5-tech defensive end but he will need refinement with his hand technique to make the position his.

12. Philadelphia Eagles: Devonta Smith, WR – Alabama

The hot mess of the 2020 season is over for the Eagles and it’s one to forget, having moved on from Carson Wentz, releasing fan favourite DeSean Jackson who failed to stay fit, as well as the immobile frame of Alshon Jeffrey, a new dawn and a new coach are in Philadelphia. Jalen Hurts will be given an opportunity to show what he can do, and the Eagles need to provide him that opportunity. They’ll hope for more productivity and a complete season from last year’s first round selection Jalen Reagor and take the Heisman Trophy Winner here to pair up with him. Nick Sirianni has been involved in multiple offenses involving different types of receivers like TY Hilton, Dwayne Bowe and Keenan Allen. Smith is a real talent showcased by everything he achieved at Alabama, but some teams will cross him off their list due to his ‘skinny’ build, and so his landing spot is crucial for his success. He’s the best router runner in the class and is as tough as nails though, and his contested catch ability also shows how he plays far bigger than his actual weight. The debate will go on until draft day about where he lands but the Eagles can’t make the same mistake as last year missing out on a top talent.

13. Detroit Lions: Micah Parsons, LB – Penn State

Detroit Lions are 100% in rebuild mode. They have plentiful future draft capital and in my humble mock they’ve moved down to accumulate picks this year, leaving them in a strong position, especially providing the wealth of talent and options available regarding players with round two and three grades according to both the draft community and media consensus. Dan Campbell’s Lions will have an identity and before flashbacks of Jarrad Davis come back with a first round linebacker selection please hear me out. Micah Parsons’ talent is top-10 in this draft. The sideline-to-sideline speed, explosive physicality, pass rushing ability and plays on the ball provide flexibility the Lions don’t currently have. In a division which has seen the Vikings compete with their own do it all linebackers, the Lions can add some young blood to their team and hopefully a leader and enforcer allowing their defense to operate with different pressure looks. With Jamie Collins aging and the Jahlani Tavai selection not working out, this would be a perfect match were it not for the off-field whispers around Parsons. Whilst not privy to such information, Parsons has not been charged with anything but has been named in some seriously questionable behaviour. This selection is off talent alone and all red flags worked through.


New England Patriots trade up with Minnesota Vikings, Patriots give Pick 15 overall and a 2021 5th Round Pick (177) to move up one spot.

14. New England Patriots: Mac Jones, QB – Alabama

The Patriots’ usually conservative nature in Free Agency was completely blown out of the water this year amassing huge investment on both sides of the ball with day one starters although the re-signing of Cam Newton felt more like a necessity rather than a plan. I don’t buy the smokescreen around Jones for the number three pick. If you trade up, then you’re doing it for a special player. Jones is a good player; and I must be careful here, his movement around the pocket, touch on his intermediate throws and accuracy do remind me somewhat of a previous Patriots QB. (I never said he would be Brady!!) The offensive scheme that Josh McDaniels ran for years could continue under Jones. The reason for the trade up in this scenario is to give up very little and secure a QB, something the Patriots have never had to do before, but without the worry of Chicago or Washington gazumping them. Also, the Vikings love to accumulate day three picks for plenty of late round selections. As I’ve said there’s no way the same level of success can be achieved with any Patriots QB selection but Jones gives them a chance to compete and stay relevant.


Washington Football Team trade up with Minnesota Vikings. Football Team give Pick 19 overall and a 2021 3rd Round Pick (82) to the Vikings.

15. Washington Football Team: Christian Darrisaw, OT – Virginia Tech

The Football Team make a move on a position of need. Ryan Fitzpatrick signs with Washington in what seems like for once a non-mentor role. Fitzpatrick is surprisingly mobile, but age is certainly not on his side. Darrisaw has a fall due to the Chargers going up for Sewell and has tremendous upside with his length and excellent run blocking during his time for the Hokies. His mobility to get to the next level will benefit Antonio Gibson who aligns very much to the player Rivera had at Carolina with “Run CMC” and I fully expect them to draft another RB on day two in this draft. Darrisaw’s upside is huge. I’d like to see more nastiness from him and an improvement in pass protection after playing in a very run heavy scheme in Virginia, but this is a glaring need in Washington.

16. Arizona Cardinals: Jaycee Horn, CB – South Carolina

Arizona spent many picks trying to find someone to play opposite Patrick Peterson and now they have the unenviable task of finding someone to replace him. The fall of Caleb Farley due to medical concerns may or may not drive the value of the position. Arizona is in need of a difference maker and tone setter following Pat Pete’s departure. For so long one side of the field was taken care of and with Jaycee Horn the same potential is there. Whilst a different player to Peterson, Horn thrives on physicality and bullying in press coverage but has the ability to disrupt on a receiver’s release. I’m personally really high on him but the “grabby hands” are a concern if he’s beaten. Cardinals sit tight and sweat but come away with a perfect pick here.

17. Las Vegas Raiders: Christian Barmore, DT – Alabama

The Raiders pick next and if there’s one thing we know about Mike Mayock’s drafting strategy it is his penchant for big College teams. Since becoming GM it’s unsure who is making the calls between him or Gruden, whose contract outlasts his own, but they do like big program selections. With Gus Bradley coming in as Defensive Coordinator there’s a need to build pressure by rushing only from your front of four. Christian Barmore’s sample size may be small and despite a quiet start he showed up big time when it mattered in big games. Constantly disruptive with genuine pass rushing moves and the ability to affect the interior and push the pocket on passing and rushing plays. I believe teams are far higher on Barmore than the draft community and media, so don’t be surprised if he doesn’t make it this far. Interior D-Line is pretty weak as a class and my pure Economics A-Levels are coming back; it’s all about supply and demand!

18. Miami Dolphins: Zaven Collins, LB – Tulsa

Miami’s second pick has people divided. They have the pick of the running backs and edge players. The edge and RB markets are fully open on the Friday and value can be found with the Dolphins’ multiple picks, (who knows they may trade up later in this mock….) One player who won’t be there but offers an enormously intriguing skillset is Tulsa linebacker Zaven Collins. Tulsa is not the place you’d expect a first round draft selection to come from; in state perennial champions Oklahoma tend to hold the first-round prestige. Collins is a player you don’t see often; 270lbs and moves like a man 50lbs lighter. The instincts in coverage are unlike anything you’ll see of a player his size. Has genuine straight-line speed and ability to rush the passer as a blitzer/speed option. He’s had multiple interceptions returned for a TD and gives Miami more dynamic options at linebacker beyond the current roster.

19. Minnesota Vikings: Alijah Vera-Tucker, O-Line – USC

So, the Vikings finally make a pick. Rick Spielman has constantly been a perennial draft mover and shaker and this year will be no different. The Vikings don’t have a second-round selection due to the Yannick Ngakoue trade early in the 2020 season and would love to recoup that and day two is where Spielman always earns his reputation. The Vikings sit at an interesting spot in the draft and it’s genuinely difficult to see which way they go. The off-field troubles of Jeff Gladney mean corner is laughably a need again; with Danielle Hunter back there remains a place opposite him for QB pressure and safety is another place they could go with Harrison Smith on the final year of his deal (I genuinely think Zimmer will love Moehrig if they can trade down far enough to find value). With the franchise tied to the success of Kirk Cousins I’ve gone for a familiarly predictable selection. Alijah Vera-Tucker is a player who offers genuine value at either guard or tackle and the Vikings seem unsure whether last year’s second round selection Ezra Cleveland will be a guard or tackle, long term, and Vera-Tucker’s selection gives them options entering the season on what is probably a make-or-break season for the current coaching and front office staff.


Pittsburgh Steelers trade with Chicago Bears. Steelers give Pick 24 overall and a 2021 3rd Round selection (87), Bears return with Pick 20 overall and a 2021 6th Round Pick (228).

20. Pittsburgh Steelers: Teven Jenkins, OT – Oklahoma State

Sometimes a player and a team make sense. The Steelers have never been shy about trading up or picking players that are not on the consensus “Big Board”. Teven Jenkins is a grown angry man. You want to have fun watching an O-Lineman play, find some Jenkins film. His raw strength, nasty streak and effort to finish every play and bury people will make you want him on your team. The Steelers are going all in on (most likely) one more season with Ben Roethlisberger; they need to protect him, and they need to run the ball. The first round seems a little much to be spending on a running back when the O-Line needs work so the Steelers come up to get Jenkins. He may align to guard or tackle as speed rushers cause him issues as he’s not the most fleet-footed but make no mistake running the ball behind this man is a running back’s dream.

21. Indianapolis Colts: Liam Eichenberg, OT – Notre Dame

The Colts begin a new season with Carson Wentz reunited with Frank Reich and they’ll be hoping for a quick turnaround in form for Wentz as the Colts roster is loaded with talent. There are needs at specific positions that make me think they will want to conserve draft capital to fill those needs. The Wentz trade was very specific about them holding onto their 2nd Round pick this season. Corner, receiver and tackle seem the obvious requirements and whilst this may seem a reach for Eichenberg to be drafted here he can play day one. He’s technically sound and whilst there may be concerns around length, he’ll be next to his old teammate: the number one guard in the NFL in Quenton Nelson. The Notre Dame tackle has been a multi-year starter and has huge amounts of experience. Whilst his potential upside may not be that of other prospects like Dillon Radunz or Samuel Cosmi, I feel that the Colts do not have the time to groom a player at the position. They overdraft but find Anthony Castonzo’s replacement.

22. Tennessee Titans: Caleb Farley, CB – Virginia Tech

The Tennessee Titans proved with the selection of Jeffrey Simmons that medical issues are of no concern for them should they be given the all clear. They’ll be leaning heavily again this season on Derrick Henry and need to wipe the nasty taste from their mouth following the Isaiah Wilson selection last season. Kristian Fulton as all rookie corners did a lot of good things and a lot of not so good things last season. With Caleb Farley falling and the surprise release of Adoree’ Jackson, the Titans are on the lookout for another corner. Farley is a corner with elite movement skills, he has the oily hips and change of direction that is coveted, he’s not been playing the position long and seems to be barely scratching the surface of his potential. A receiver is definitely in play here but the fall of what could be an elite player is worth the gamble and we know the Titans have no hesitation on going “All In”.

23. New York Jets: Jaelan Phillips, Edge – Miami

The Jets return in the first round and as stated previously need a big turnaround on their roster. They need impact players at most positions. Robert Saleh’s defensive scheme at San Francisco relied on game changing players creating play off the edge or along the defensive line. This is now the sweet spot in the draft for edge players. Jaelan Phillips of the Miami Hurricanes will be a divisive player this year due to his injury history and “questionable” love for the game following a medical retirement of which again the average dude like you and I are not privy to. However, if he had remained fit previously to the season just gone, I’m positive he would’ve been a top-5 player. Phillips breezes through contact and looks the most natural pass rusher in this year’s draft. His hand usage is excellent, and his power and potential are game impacting. The Jets will do their homework on a number of players at this position, but Phillips may be too good to leave there.

24. Chicago Bears: Alex Leatherwood, OT – Alabama

The Chicago Bears are the team this off season where nothing seems to have gone right. Despite not having a losing season in Chicago, Matt Nagy is under pressure this season despite making the play offs, Ryan Pace equally so. The Free Agency signing of Andy Dalton is unlikely to be a franchise turnaround at the QB position. Whilst harsh, Nagy has never had his pick of QB and the willingness to win last season has cost them the chance to select higher and be in the market to trade up to find the signal caller of the future. What they do need is offensive line help. Like a previous Alabama player, I believe that professional teams are higher on Leatherwood than the draft community. A player with great character, considerable starting experience and with measurements perfect to play tackle at the next level. He may suffer when defending against more twitchy players able to bend or change direction suddenly, but Leatherwood is strong enough to hold up in pass protection and has contributed all across the Alabama line for strong rushing attacks in his time there.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars: Elijah Moore, WR – Ole Miss

So, the Jaguars have made their franchise changing decision at the first overall pick. They need pass rush and safety, however the value of both of those positions is in round two and Urban Meyer’s love of speed on the perimeter has led me to give them a player that may not be one of need but certainly is difference making. Elijah Moore is tough, quick and twitchy. His ability to routinely get open and compete over the middle will endear him to Jags fans and the coaching staff. Moore has shot up draft boards recently as he offers something different from some of the other names mentioned at this position and to be quite honest is the best of the plethora of smaller slot type receivers on offer. I see shades of Steve Smith in him. There’s no reason he can’t play on the outside or incorporate a quick scissors concept in the passing game.


Buffalo Bills trade up with Cleveland Browns. Bills give Pick 30 overall, a 2021 5th Round Pick (161) and a 2022 4th Round Pick.

26. Buffalo Bills: Travis Etienne, RB – Clemson

The Bills had a fantastic season last year surprisingly off the arm, not legs, of Josh Allen. The Bills’ combined receiver yardage was over 400 yards more than the next team in the entire NFL (receiver yardage alone). Whilst this is hugely impressive there needs to be more balance to the attack. You can argue the pros and cons of drafting a running back in the first round of the draft, but the fifth-year option and potential franchise tag certainly make it worthwhile for me (just don’t pay them the second contract). With Zack Moss and Devin Singletary, the Bills possess similar skill sets in their backs. A home run talent, pass catching ability, an electric top speed, plus some serious acceleration with the ball in his hands that Etienne has will help to cement divisional dominance for the Bills having finally wrestled it from the Patriots.

27. Baltimore Ravens: Jeremiah Owusu-Koromoah, DEFENSE – Notre Dame

The Ravens are the perfect drafting team. They position themselves every draft to take both players of need and the best players on offer to them. Their ability to constantly do this is incredible and every year I come away wondering how they got the haul they got. This year is no different, they sit at pick 27 with edge needs and safety needs and hit on a surprising faller in this draft. I’m a huge fan of JOK, but his fit is definitely schematic. He plays the “Rover” position in the Notre Dame defense and has certain responsibilities in coverage or will be used as an extra blitzer. However, if selected as a pure linebacker he’ll be one of the lightest in the league. The Ravens’ need at safety and edge provide the best of both worlds for a player that can help in multiple areas and can be moved around schematically depending on requirement. Usually, versatility as a strength is seen as a problem but when you can perform different tasks at a high level it’s certainly a strength and the Ravens do it again.

28. New Orleans Saints: Greg Newsome II, CB – Northwestern

The Saints enter a new era with a QB camp battle between Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill. Michael Thomas will provide the role of WR1 following a frustrating season last year and whilst receiver is a need, the depth at the position on day two means there are more pressing concerns. The Saints still have one of the best offensive lines in the league but it’s corner I see them turning to. Marshon Lattimore had a down year and the hope is that he’ll rediscover his previous form. Greg Newsome of Northwestern only really has one season of production but was hugely impressive this season. He’s long and fluid in his movement and shows genuine skills disrupting the receiver in press coverage. He seems more at home in a Zone scheme but has the room to grow into a role that will see him play in multiple schemes at the next level.


New York Jets trade with Green Bay Packers. Jets give Pick 34 overall and a 2021 4th Round Pick (107) for Green Bay’s 29th overall selection.

29. New York Jets: Najee Harris, RB – Alabama

The Jets need quality and game changers in all areas. They’re building the roster from the ground up outside of one or two positions. Najee Harris will provide the hard running and surprising pass catching ability for Zach Wilson. Harris has shades of Steven Jackson about him being a bigger back and having an upright running style. He has huge athleticism (check out his hurdling) and good soft hands to make plays on third down situations leaking out of the formation. He’s a willing pass blocker and if you’ve heard him interviewed, is a real locker room character. The Jets come up to avoid competition from Atlanta and Miami, both RB needy teams. This rebuild is multiple years so the fifth year option of an RB in the first is too tempting to miss.

30. Cleveland Browns: Azeez Ojulari, Edge – Georgia

Cleveland picking this high – who’d have thought it! I believe they’re now the team to beat in the AFC North and this draft for them is all about filling positions of quality. Following their trade down due to the board being stacked with edge and receiver options they still have the choice here. Azeez Ojulari of Georgia is a prospect with enormous potential. He spent the season giving many an offensive tackle headaches with his natural bend and long arms against quality opposition in the SEC. He needs to develop more pass rushing moves, relying too much in his regular hand swipe and speed but opposite Myles Garrett in a division with QBs who can damage you given time, and in Lamar Jackson’s case space, Ojulari falling to the Browns here is a really nice fit in building something that lasts in Cleveland.

31. Baltimore Ravens: Creed Humphrey, C – Oklahoma

The Ravens have an obvious need at tackle following the Orlando Brown trade. The reports are that they’ll sign a veteran post draft. Meanwhile the need is still relevant on the O-Line. The Ravens as stated will take players on their board regardless of how the rest of the league or media see it. They have a need at center and Creed Humphrey is unlikely to be there when they next pick. A smart, savvy player for Oklahoma with multiple years’ starting experience, he excellent on the move getting to the next level and in a unique NFL scheme, Humphrey will slot in on day one like their previous pick in this draft.

32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jayson Oweh, Edge – Penn State

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers roster last season was ridiculous with quality everywhere. Well, this season it’s the same…. somehow. With time being limited on the evergreen Brady it’s difficult to predict what their approach will be in this draft. Jason Pierre-Paul is an aging veteran who was raw when he came into the NFL and needed a couple of years before his production started to show. Penn State’s Jayson Oweh has beyond ridiculous traits; his pro day was the stuff of Superman. He has everything you could want in a pass rusher, but he needs time, patience and coaching. His ceiling is that of among the best at the next level but too often we have seen dynamic athletes come out as the “next big thing” as a pass rusher and fail. With the Bucs he can slide into a rotational role. Under Todd Bowles he’ll have an experienced coach who can get the best out of him.


There you have it, some surprise players fell, I believe Trevon Moehrig is a top-15 player but he falls here due to positional need elsewhere, I’m surprised at myself for two running backs and leaving poor Eric Stokes in the second round, but mocks are a tricky thing and whilst you sit here and read and say that could never happen...yes, yes it could. Anything could happen: it’s Draft Day. Thanks for reading – send abuse to @kevinsayer.


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